Bergur Nielsen is a Faroese guitarist, teacher living in Copenhagen. He appears on recordings and in various live contexts. In 2014 he released the debut album Bergur Nielsen Trio " West Of Somewhere ". The trio is very active playing regularly around Copenhagen.


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“It is an ethereal, floating and airy music, carried through with Nielsen’s fine vocal like tone. Figuratively speaking, the music is painted on large canvases with broad brushes in bright colours. Bergur has incorporated the best of rock music and skilfully implemented it in the jazz universe.“

Ole Nimand, Jazzspecial

”The evocative music unfolds in a close interplay. Bergur Nielsen is in a americana corner, where there is room for twang and Neil Young gloomy atmosphere. A place where jazz is the foundation and americana is the spice.”

Niels Overgaard, www.jazznyt.blogspot.com

”Overall this is a very strong album that is also very easy to live with, which is why it has been spending a lot of time in my CD player over the past week.”

Peter Bacon, www.thejazzbreakfast.com


Tlf. 25674397 / Mail: bergurnielsen82@hotmail.com